2018 Results The Musicals of the Centre 1

Results 2018

The result of the composition contest is:
1st prize: Emiliano Giuseppe Gallo

The results of the Instruments competition are:
1st prize: Rachel Sintzel, violin
2nd prize: Katarzyna Szydlowska, violin
3rd prize: Yaeram Park, flute

The results of the Young Talent contest are:
1st prize: Jaemin Park, trumpet
2nd prize: Elizabeth Russel, flute
3rd prize: Gonçalo Nova, trombone

The results of the improvisation contest are:
1st prize: Keigo Takakura, piano
2nd prize: Masanori Enoki, piano
3rd prize: The duet, saxophone & piano

The results of the singing contest are:
1st prize: Esel Kim
2nd prize: Momoko Kanazawa
3rd prize: Not awarded

Special mention: Pauline Djian

The results of the grand competition 2018 are:
1st prize: Sébastien Perez, tuba
2nd prize Mateusz Makuch, violin
3rd prize: Hana Wakamatsu, violin